Sunday, June 12, 2011

00573 Day 103, the Joule Thief

In the dead of night he creeps unknown into the dark recesses of my home and quietly strips me of all I have.

Would I were different, I'd take him on, rip him apart and send him packing. But I have so little energy left and what little I have, he has taken away.

I am a battery, he is the Joule Thief.

The Joule Thief

Did I mention that I'm a talking battery?

Did I mention that I've not been sleeping well and it's all coming apart at the seems?

No? Not to worry, it should be pretty obvious.


  1. Freaky. I made one of these just last week. 'Cept it was Big Clive's version:
    I soldered in the windings wrong about 4 times before realising, a real 'facepalm' moment.

  2. Yeah, I did it twice, but it gave me a real taste for winding toroids and now I really want to experiment with them.

    BTW big thanks for the link to Big Clive. Quality site.

  3. Anonymous1:08 pm

    seams... seams...