Friday, June 17, 2011

00576 Day 106, the Podcast


Here's the blog traffic report:

There's been a huge pileup with the massive podcast HGV grinding to a halt (mainly because of something inherently wrong with it's chassis) in the middle of the MAD carriageway. Stretching out behind it is a tailback containing a large number of the recent daily projects and it looks like none of them are going to be getting home anytime soon.

The Police (that's me) are on the case and by this evening they hope to have pulled the stalled vehicle onto the hard shoulder, which should allow the backlog to clear.

Now if I can just get the AA (that's me too) to turn up and bump start the HGV (remember, that's the podcast), then the traffic (that's the posts, if you didn't get that already) will be able to flow freely and normal service will be resumed.

Ironically, this is a massive car crash of a metaphor.

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