Sunday, June 05, 2011

00565 Day 96 Laser Cut Binary Dominoes

Laser cut dominoes

Laser cut dominoesLaser cut dominoes

There was once a man who liked dominoes so much that he would have given anything in the world to have the very best dominoes that ever there were. He decided to make his own, so he set about designing a very special set. And instead of the the usual dots, he decide that he would learn enough new skillz to design and create a set of dominoes that displayed their denominations using binary notation, squares for ones, circles for zeros. This way his dominoes would be unique and he would stand head and shoulders above everyone else who owned a set of dominoes. He set to the task with unparalleled zeal and worked day and night until he had produced, with just his hands and a simple hammer and chisel and set of dominoes so wondrous that the world was filled with the collective sighs of all the people who really like to play dominoes (and who are omniscient).

But, tradgedy, he awoke to find it had all been a dream. What he had actually done was to email his mate the designs so that they might be laser cut from acetate and mdf to create samples from which a choice of materials could be made and a price arrived at. Naturally the price was a squillion pounds and when the man discussed the matter with his wife, they decided that dominoes, while being a nice game, was not worth a divorce and several years of remunerative litigation.

They were lovely dominoes, mind.

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