Monday, May 23, 2011

00548 Day 80, the Timer

the Timer

the Timer the Timer

The Subject:
A child who is willing to do their home work

The Rules:
There are four words. The child takes each word in turn and has 30 seconds in which to write down the word as many times as possible (this process can be repeated several times to allow the child to beat their record for each word).

The Problem:
The Father zones out and cannot be relied upon to time the period accurately.

The Result:
The child (rightly) becomes frustrated that there is no parity between the iterations of the work.

The Solution:
A timer with which the child can time his/herself.

The Method:
A programmable timer box is constructed. The timer is turned on showing a red light. When the child is ready he/she presses the button. The lights on the timer go from red to amber to green at which time a tone is sounded to signify the beginning of the 30 second period. When 30 seconds has elapsed and alarm sounds and the red light flashes before illuminating constantly, showing that the box is ready for the next timing period.

  • The child is motivated afresh and will now begin and complete homework without adult intervention.
  • The box is re-programmable and the time period, lights and sounds can be customised.

  • The father is still unable to concentrate for intervals of time that exceed 15 seconds.
  • The child uses the box to limit all activities to a duration of 30 seconds.

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