Tuesday, March 01, 2011

00467 Day 5 Stamp!


Raw materials


Well, stone me and leave me by the side of the road to be nursed back to health by a passing Samaritan! Who'd have thought that carving up a rubber with a scalpel, inking it up with an indelible pen and pressing it hard onto pure, white paper could be so awesome? The answer to that is probably a figure rather than just the name of one person and at a guess I'd say that its in the region of around 1,500 to 2,000.

So as you might be able to tell, this began as a seemingly overambitious attempt to make a business card that I could create at the time of handing over. That's still on the cards (Booooooom! I'm here all week!), but the major revelation was the ink pen. I went looking for a mini ink pad, but got nowhere and decided to make my own. Found some old foam, cut open a washable ink cartridge from my son's pencil case and combined the two. I think it's fair to say that as far as failures go, this one was pretty much on the verge of turning pro. So as a last ditch effort, I just used the big old black marker. Full awesomeness achieved, cup of tea, feet up, bask in my own reflected glow.

And, yes, I did carve an entire URL back to front, forgetting the text should be mirrored. If you want to discuss it further and maximize my humiliation, I might suggest a defenestration session. Gratis. It's on me. Don't mention it.

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  1. press your inked backwards stamp onto a clean fresh eraser, then press that onto the paper. oughtta work in theory, anyways...?

  2. Omg, Kelly, who are you and why are you such a genius. Oh, hang on, it's just me being thick innit? Thanks, mate

  3. I thought it was meant to be stamped on people's foreheads.

  4. What is a defenestration session?

    Stamp your eraser onto a clean eraser and carve the reverse image from your new eraser.

  5. So they'd have to look at it in a mirror!


    Did I stumble upon a genius sub-culture hiding in an Internet backwater?

  6. Kelly, I now know who you are and everything in he world makes sense again. Hooray!

  7. Love it! You are far too productive and have beaten me to it - rubber stampin's been on my 'to do' list for far too long. I am encouraged to pull my finger (make that scalpel) out.