Friday, March 18, 2011

00485 Day 22, the Book

Once upon a time there was a ream of paper who longed to be made into a book, so he decided to pack up all his worldly possessions in a bag and set off to seek out his destiny. Unfortunately, because he was a ream of paper, he didn't have any way of moving because he had no arms or legs and to be frank, I've already attributed the power of free thought to him (as well as assigning him a gender), so apart from maybe suffering what Bhuddists might think of as the ultimate punishment (a conscious being trapped within an inanimate object), he wasn't doing badly.
So instead he waited for many years for his destiny to find him.
To cut a long story short, he met a scalpel, a needle threaded with kite line, three small strips of cotton, some glue, some cardboard and the fabric from an old pair of trousers (in that order - this is basically a road movie) and slowly he found himself changing into what some people might construe to be a beautiful hand-bound, hardback book. In khaki.

He took a camera with him and here are some of the pictures of his adventure (obviously he just asked everyone he met to take the pictures for him, what with the arms/legs issue):

And of course he lived happily ever after.

Although he did have to put up with having quite allot of rubbish scrawled across his pages. We all have our crosses to bear.


  1. That is superb, I have to make myself one of these some day.

  2. Lenny8:22 am

    Ta. That is so what this project is about. I've said I wanted to do this for years and never got round to it. Now I have to do it. It's awesome.

  3. Really nice work :) It's always gratifying to finally finish a project and have something useful to show for the work.

  4. Thanks

    Hey, wait, who says I'm going to put anything useful in it. That's just not the way I operate. I mean, have you seen all this stuff?


  5. Why is writing in a book the definition of useful? Is a book not just as useful when used to prop up a short leg on a table?