Monday, March 07, 2011

00474 Day 11, I love Lamp

Do you remember Les Dawson?

He used to do that thing with the piano where he played a tune, but purposely played the odd wrong note here and there. The vibe was that he was displaying a level of expertise beyond that of a competent player, because he was intending to play incorrectly.

Well then, behold my manifest genius

Yes, a lamp.

Yes, a lamp made out of copper pipe and joints.

Yes, a lamp constructed by brazing together these components.

And, yes, a lamp in which the craftsmanship has been intentionally corrupted to give the impression that it was made by a novice.

No, really, I properly meant to make the joints look shoddy. It is of course mere coincidence that today was the first time I had ever attempted such a thing.

Much like the Extractor it works really well and everything.

3 Watt LED, cord form a phone charger, copper pipe and joints form the DIY store.

It was going to be creative writing day, but the hardware got the best of me and I fell willingly into it's rough, unfinished arms (that really is a metaphor, just not a very good one).

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  1. That's really good. I reckon you could sell those. It's a bit steampunk.

  2. That's what I thought. After I stopped swearing at the blow torch