Sunday, March 20, 2011

00487 Day 24, les Maisons Decoupages

C'est vrai, mes amis.

I'm going to translate the rest of this although, had it been in French, it would have been impeccable and with a slightly Lyonnaise accent (that's "Mayonaise" to my spellchecker).

This is one of the fruits of todays make:

Les Maisons Decoupages

It's all very well to just make little wooden houses and cover them in newspaper and Unibond, but surely there has to be more.

And indeed there is.

I approached a local architect with this brief:

"We're looking for something unique and specific.
Tall, thin, with the exact appearance of a wooden toy covered with newspaper, but with all the interiors as per a normal house. There should be no doors or windows (just a picture of a window on the front wall), only a teleportation device. There must be no stairs, just a lift (which only goes up) and a fireman's pole, and there MUST be a basement level in which we will conduct our evil plans to take over the world.

And an escape pod."

Well, he properly came up trumps. Here is the initial elevation:

Les Maisons Decoupages

And a brief tour:

And we're now living very happily in what is basically our "dream home".

I can't see us moving.

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  1. Mikal9:45 pm

    Ha ha. Love it. Looks like the war room from Dr Strangelove in the basement. Every house should have one.