Saturday, March 05, 2011

00471 Day 9, Frame!

Was it Bruno who sang "Frame! I'm gonna live forever"? well he obviously hadn't looked at the statistics for someone of his demograph and their associated life expectancy. Safe to say that his chances are slim to none.

Anyway, Day 9 looms and it was today that I chose to spend all the free time I could muster to create just one thing. And when those hours had been spent, I had accomplished x percent of my task, where x is a rational number between nothing and very little. So I ditched that idea for the present.

Instead I went for the path trod more often. Which was good because the path less trod is unsafe, difficult to find and doesn't go anywhere.

Salvaged wood, glass from a skip some pins and glue. And now my print has a home :)

Oh, and let me tell you something about electronic dice. They're $€#$*!!?%#€¥!

Yeah you heard, $€#$*!!?%#€¥!

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