Monday, March 28, 2011

00495 Made and Explorated

I wouldn't normally take much notice of my explored images in Flickr, but since this project began, I'll be honest, I'm interested to find out if any of this is reaching any sort of audience.

Now, I don't imagine that this is earth shattering stuff, but I'm certainly doing things that are affecting me quite profoundly. So if any of it it leaking out, I'd like to know.


So, first up, Legs !!!!! made it into Make's Flickr pool roundup, which is awesome, because Make is just my life's blood right now, so any chance I get, I mention it.

the Hunter Paradox Little whittle

Then "the Hunter", "Canned Goods" and "A little whittle" got into Explore on Flickr, which is nice.

Just for the record.

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  1. Congrats, Lenny. Nothing of mine has made Explore on Flickr in well over a year. Maybe two.