Friday, March 11, 2011

00478 Day 15 Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrocket!

I think we all know the significance of the fact that 15 is the smallest natural number with seven letters in its spelled name.

Anyhoo, and with no other alternatives in sight, I opted to base today's thing on AWESOME!


Rocket Rocket

Fin plan Rocket

Should you find yourself in disagreement with the awesomeness, there is a standard protocol to follow:
  1. Note the date and time when the disagreement occurred.
  2. Contact the local "I Don't Think It's Awesome" office (and BTW, good luck with that).
  3. Request a meeting with their regional representative. You may find this difficult, as this whole thing is made up, but persevere. Remember: this is a matter of principle.
  4. Fill out the requisite form - A55Ho73, if memory serves.
  5. Have an eye test (you need one so badly you should also take anyone who has been near you today).
  6. Dance the dance of fools - don't worry, you will find yourself to be an expert.
  7. Seek counseling when your case has been adjudicated and returns the inevitable verdict that you are and have always been deeply wrong.
  8. Strain to hear the distant sounds of my laughter.
There, I think that's pretty clear.

This was totally made by sticking a bolt into a piece of wood, shaving it down a little with a plane. cutting the end off the bolt, sticking the whole thing bolt-first into a drill, clamping the drill trigger and sticking the drill in a workbench, throwing away the health and safety book and shaping it all up with coarse grade sandpaper.

I accept no responsibility for your lack of ability to agree with me, or my subsequent bird-flipping. Your house may be at risk if you play with explosives.


  1. That thing is awesome! Good job Lenny, I look forward to your new 'Make a day' post everyday!

  2. Lenny9:35 pm

    Thanks, I'll make a point not to give up tomorrow. Glad you agree with the awesomeness - saved yourself a whole load of paperwork there.

  3. WOWIE-ZOWIE!!!!

    I hate paperwork.

  4. Thanks, guys. Much 'preciated