Wednesday, March 09, 2011

00476 Day13, Plane Paper Pencil

Not as you might think a bizarre and non-cyclical version of scissors, paper, stone. No, instead it is a new and exciting way to deal with waking up at four o'clock in the morning thinking about how to make a frame in which you can switch the images with ease so as to give the impression of a rather slow, but nonetheless more real screen saver (with the obvious flaw being that a real screen saver involves a screen). By the time I had reached posting time, I was thinking about nothing but gazing longingly into the back of my eyelids (which is very much a matter of perspective as so many sight-based concepts are).

I just managed to cling onto a semblance of an idea that formed in my head not 24 hours ago (no, really not 24 hours ago, it was around 85-90, but no-one really logs time like that when they're writing informally, do they? ... Sh*t, I just did it, didn't I?). I had written "Kick-ass paper plane", but all that brought to mind was felt-tips and depression. So instead I masterminded this:

Plane paper pencil

The business end

They said it couldn't be done (although I paraphrased that a little, what they actually said was "you shouldn't bother doing it" - there's not much in it really). AND NOW I AM LORD OF ALL I SURVEY! (currently surveying keyboard and tea, but you have to start somewhere).

I'm so very tired

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