Tuesday, March 08, 2011

00475 Day 12, A little whittle

Welcome all scatological enthusiasts! This is for you:

It could be said of me that, much like a personal sewage treatment plant, which ever since it's opening has dealt solely with the waste products of a man who's diet has remained porridge for breakfast, lunch and tea throughout the entirety of his life, I am quite literally churning out the same old crap. However, a slightly more charitable view perhaps, would be that, much like a plasterer who has been told that he must complete the task of rendering a wall with nothing but his own waste products, but has just realised that this material does not have the requisite adhesive properties required for the job, I have spent the day trying to make a pooh stick.

I say a day, what I meant was ten minutes.

Little whittle

and in case you missed it, here it is in f2.8

Little whittle

And like some pointless running joke with no punchline and nothing to commend it as being remotely funny, and in the spirit of "never put off yesterday until today, what you can put off today until tomorrow", creative writing has been shelved for another 24 hours. Like a good wine, it must mature until ready to drink. In all probability it may mature until it forgets who it is and spends the rest of its days in a house full of cats and smelling of wee.


  1. I wouldn't worry about your creative writing project. You have been doing it in each of your posts and very well indeed I might add. I love reading your blog and seeing what plops out of your mind onto the screen of my computer. Your writing always makes me laugh. Humour is not easy to write. Congratulations my friend, keep up the great and peculiar work.

  2. Lenny8:17 am

    Hey, I never thought about it that way. How blinkered am I? Thanks, mate, always appreciate your awesome comments.