Thursday, March 17, 2011

00484 Day 21, Diodes are a Girl's Best Friend

This is about the third time I've gone off on an awesome make and realised that it's just not going to happen today. So it goes with book binding. Man, glue is like the slowest ting in the world ever, next to that other really slow thing that I always exaggerate about.

So, nimbly sidestepping into a "quickie", I find myself bereft of four hours and a whole lot more educated about the ins and outs of copper pipe manipulation on a miniature scale. Man, that's really going to come in handy when I have to hook up a sink to the mains when they're separated by 4mm.

Man ring

Man rings Diodes are a girl's best friend

And they said I was wasting my time.

Chuh! What do they know?

Lots .

You should listen to them more, I wish I had, then they could have told me all that stuff about not doing those things that I would have been better off not doing.

Also, they probably would have told me to go on that self-editing course where you can use less words to say the same thing.

I said to myself that I'd mention what I actually did, so this might actually serve as some kind of useful record of things that lean heavily towards the useless, so:


22mm copper pipe, cut really short with a cheap pipe cutter, smoothed off with wire wool and sandpaper. The man ring was drilled a bit and although I did one with a bit of solder set in it like a stone and it was awesome, I then went and stuck a whole load more in there and it went totally tits-up. Then I ran out of time and energy. The LED on the Lady ring was a stroke of arguable genius mind, although my soldering skills with regards to jewelry are pretty low grade at best. Hey! Who cares, they're s'pposed to love you despite all your shortcomings. There's a limit, mind.

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