Thursday, March 31, 2011

00499 Day 35, the Bag

35, not only a Croatian greeting, but of course the fifth tetrahedral number (including 1 - duh) and the age at which Stevie Ray Vaughan famously died.

Well, that's all the stuff we already know, but what about the Vitrex Twin Filter Respirator? Well one four-star Axminster Tools review tells us:

"The mask presents one with the opportunity to find your own bag to keep it in, I found this to be an easy task. Note that you are able to buy replacement filters separately and they're pretty cheap. - good mask."

Now I've never been offered the "opportunity to find" anything before, so when I saw the Vitrex Twin Filter Respirator, I just grabbed that opportunity with both nostrils (I have opposable nostrils) and bought it. But finding a bag goes way beyond my skill set, so I'm just going to throw away the chance I've been given and carve out my own destiny. And the shape of that destiny will be BAG. A bag. The shape of a bag. My destiny will be shaped like a bag.

No? Not working for you?

Whatever. I'm not the loser without the kick ass, cotton drill, rip-stop lined, Matthew-Walkered, custom-hand-turned-beaded BAG.

the Bag

Sew the Bag The bag

I might be the loser with one, however.


  1. Is there no end to your talents? Obviously I love this bag - I am a girl after all. :)

  2. It's not for girls

    unless you're dealing with toxic particulate matter

  3. Hi Lenny,
    I am interested in one of your pieces.
    Please let me know what the best way to
    contact you is.