Sunday, March 06, 2011

00472 Day 10, the Extractor

No, not a surgical instrument.

I need to kick the solder fume habit, so off cuts of scrap wood, a case fan, an old power brick, some active carbon filter material for a cooker hood and a voltage regulator are all I need to go cold turkey.

So this is going to suck away all that noxious smoke and deposit all the nasty gubbins on the filter at the back (which is replaceable)

Today has been a challenge from the making point of view. A lot of time was a spent "learning", which as we all know is the international code for "f***ing it up and no mistake".
All I'm saying is, don't talk to me about $€#$*!!?%#€¥! ELECTRONIC DICE!!
In fact, tomorrow's thing is going to be a creative writing exercise based on how much I've enjoyed making electronic dice. I was lost for a topic to begin writing about and with so much failure and frustration knocking about, I might as well vent it creatively.

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