Wednesday, March 16, 2011

00483 Day 20, the Hunter

Did I ever tell you about the tribe of warriors I had the fortune to encounter on one of my many expeditionsin the '50's?

Well, we had been carving a path through the jungles of the Castagnaccio desert - which turned out to be rather simpler than we thought, what with there being no water and consequently no vegetation and therefore no carving - when we found ourselves face to face with an enormous animal. Huge thing, male, frightful temper. Mating season, guarding his territory.

Reckoned we were all gonners (dicky leg from the Crimea put paid to my running days) - when up jumps this native fella, spears the blighter right through the heart!

the Hunter

Bloody close thing, that.

Never did learn his name. All we know is that he had a value of .22 Ohms.

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